Each entry should include one video that meets the following criteria:

  • Video Length and Size

    • Your video must not exceed 60 seconds and 300MB.

  • Video Content –

    • Your video must be in English.

    • Your video may include one person or multiple.

    • Please include a brief background of yourself at the beginning of the video (such as your name, city/country, and what you do for a living, or anything about you that you’re comfortable sharing).

    • Experiences we’d like to hear (including, but not limited to):

      • COVID-infected

      • Covid infection Survivor

      • Families, partners. friends of COVID-affected

      • Healthcare Providers

      • Life at Home

        • Parenting

        • Marital Relationships

        • Loneliness

        • Feeling Trapped or Unsafe Sheltering in Place

        • Making Ends Meet

        • Discoveries

        • Addictions

        • Abuse

        • Learning, Self-Improvement

        • Children

        • Elderly

        • Remote learning (students’ life)

      • Working Remotely

      • Immigrants

      • Public Servants & Essential Workforce

        • Health Care Providers

        • First Responders

        • Law Enforcement

        • Legal

        • Teachers

      • Humor / light-hearted 

      • Other

    • Content may not include: 

      • Plagiarized content

      • Content with hate speech or hateful symbols that promote or encourage discrimination, denigration, objectification, harassment, or violence

      • Solicitations

      • Inappropriate jokes

      • Inflammatory comments or obscenity

      • Nudity and sexually explicit content such as pornography, sexual acts, and sexual services

Please review our Official Rules for more details on our content policy.

  • Video Quality

    • Your video must have a resolution of at least 720p.

    • Your video must be recorded with limited background noise and optimal lighting so it can be heard and seen clearly.

    • Feel free to tell us about your COVID-19 pandemic story in your own way.

    • Your video can be as simple as you telling your story on camera with a background that you feel is appropriate or it can be more elaborate production with multiple camera angles, edits, special effects, props, etc.

    • The most important thing is that your story is told authentically and in a way that will help viewers to understand the story you want to tell about your experience(s) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Submission Frequency and Limits

    • Each participant may submit one entry per day. Compensation is limited to one award per individual.

    • Additional entries must be different from previous entries in terms of the content.


*All entries will become property of Our Life Logs (Blue Loop LLC) which may use the content in whole or in part in its sole discretion.




We accept meaningful and creative video entries that touch our hearts and are honest with their experiences. We are looking at the video’s:

  • Story Quality

    • We will look at how meaningful, how intriguing, how unique, how powerful the story is.

  • Creativity and Imagination Used in Telling Your Story

    • We will look at how creatively your video is presented, how well your story flows, and the effectiveness of any visual aids may be used, etc.

Note: Simple, well-told stories are fine. Graphics and visual aids are not a requirement. If you choose to use elevated video production to tell your story, make sure that the enhancements add to the telling of your story and do not distract from it.

  • Video Production Quality

    • We will look at the overall quality of your video in terms of clarity, sound, lighting, transitioning, and other editing techniques, etc.


Our Life Logs reserves the right to accept or reject any contest entries. Employees of Our Life Logs, Blue Loop LLC and any of its affiliates are not eligible for this contest.


All accepted video entries will be displayed in our online gallery allowing for public viewing and voting. After the first 1,000 submissions which will be rewarded a one-time cash prize, we will continue to reward selective new video entries based on the number of public votes they get in the following month. To “get out the vote”, we encourage you to promote yourself like crazy! Light up all of your social media platforms. Let your friends, family and followers know so they can go vote for your video.


Public Voting Frequency and Limits:

  • Each voter is allowed up to 5 votes per entry per day.

  • Each voter is allowed to vote for an unlimited number of entries and on an unlimited number of days as long as the voting period lasts.



You will be paid a one-time reward of $25 if you’re in the first 1,000 submissions. More than one video submission is allowed if participants wish to discuss different topics, but the incentive will only be paid once to avoid participants abusing the reward.

After the first 1,000 submissions, we will continue to reward selective video entries in the following month based on the number of public votes they get. The top 20 videos with the highest number of votes will be rewarded. Our team will pick 3 as the first-prize winners, and of the remaining, based on votes ranking, 7 videos will receive a second prize, and the other 10 will receive a third prize. We encourage you to submit multiple videos if you wish to have a better chance of obtaining votes from the general public.


  • The first 1000 submissions will receive $25 each

  • After that, submission incentive will be based on monthly voting

    • Top 3 (Team Favorite, 1st Prize) - $250 each

    • Top 4-10 (2nd Prize) - $100 each

    • Top 11-20 (3rd Prize) - $50 each





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