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About Us

"A life without its own identity is nothing but a shadow. It clings to another and hides from the sun."
A Shadow of Myself
Story No. 316

What is Our Life Logs®?

Our Life Logs® is an international story project that aims to collect and share true-life journeys of overcoming obstacles in life. We believe that humans have the strength and power to overcome adversity in unique and wonderful ways. 

Our mission

Share your story. Make an impact.

Share your story. Make an impact.

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We all have to start somewhere.

Our Life Logs® started in the summer of 2017 in Mason, Ohio, with the hope to collect inspiring stories from people of all different backgrounds. Since then, we have shared more than 500 stories from over 40 countries around the world.

We tell stories of universal truth.

Conflict is universal. So, we believe that when we share our journeys of overcoming the conflict in our lives, we have the opportunity to inspire and to comfort others as they navigate to their own destination.

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