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"I had a lot of people and experiences that told me that my story was a good story. And with that in the back of my mind, I could take on any challenge."

Carve Out Courage

Story No. 508

Our Life Logs® collects and shares true life stories of people from all over the world. We believe that everybody has a story to tell. Whether it is a story of dreams, regrets, forgiveness, redemption, realization, growth, or love, each of our unique journeys may touch the heart of another being.

Are you a great storyteller? Do you have a meaningful story of your own or of someone else that you wish to share? If so, we are here to listen, to read, and to embrace the honesty and dignity of the human spirit.

Contact us by filling out the form below. If you have any questions, you are welcomed to send us a note at

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Thanks for submitting! We look forward to learning more about your story!

What are we looking for in a story?

Whether you are to tell or to write, we encourage you to carefully read the following guidelines to ensure your story is the right fit for us.


  • The story delivers a clear, meaningful message that matches Our Life Logs’ voice (uplifting, inspiring, self-reflective, redemptive...). The story includes some sort of discovery, learning, enlightenment, redemption and/or reflective thoughts on life.

    • Remember, the story is not intended to praise, or criticize, anybody or anything. It is to truthfully tell what the story subject has experienced, felt, or learned in the journey of life.
  • The theme is strong and consistent throughout the story. All the details included in the story directly or indirectly speak to the theme.

Story Arc

  • The story has a clear storyline and is compelling to read, preferably with tension, contradictions, and/or conflict.

  • Our desired story arc is an individual encounters adversity and finds a way to overcome it with a bright light on the pivotal influences, influencers and/or events that turned things in a positive direction.

Length & Completeness

  • The story runs between 1,500 and 2,000 words (in general).

  • The story captures one’s life journey, full or partial, with a clear focus on the events (such as turning points, life decisions, achievements, setbacks, etc.) that speak most strongly to the theme.

    • Avoid including too many details that make the story sporadic and non-focused.

    • Avoid capturing only one specific moment or incident as the entire story.

  • The story contains basic background information of the story subject (such as birth year/place, family upbringing, etc.).

  • The story includes date/location information for critical events described in the story.

Structure & Format

  • The story is in the required format of Our Life Logs--it consists of a title, body of the story (first-person), and bio of the story subject (third-person).

    • The title is strong and concise, directly or indirectly reflecting the theme.

    • The body of the story is logically divided into sections for ease of reading.

    • The bio contains a quick summary (2-3 lines) of the story and additional information or fun facts about the story subject that are not included in the story.

  • The story is well-structured and all the content is logically arranged, with important details given more length and less important details being brief.


  • The story is free of grammatical issues and awkward phrasing.

  • The language is beautiful and witty in general. The choices of words and sentence structures are smart. The moments are captured with vividness and richness in color. Overall, the writing and storytelling is soulful and powerful that can touch the reader’s heart.

  • Everything in the story is clear and easy to follow without any confusion.


  • The story is aided with sufficient, good-quality images (photos of the story subject throughout different stages of his/her life, or photos of objects and places that carry sentimental value to the story subject).

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Stories of hope and resilience. Share yours.

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