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Q: Is there any restriction as to who can participate in this video project? 

A: Our project is open to every country! However, you do need to be at least of legal age in your country of residence in order to participate. Additionally, the video you submit must be in English. 


Q: Is there a limit on how many videos I can submit?  

A: You can submit as many videos as you want to our project. However, each submission must be substantially different from previous submissions in terms of content. Our Life Logs reserves the right to approve or reject any submission in its sole discretion. Also, please be aware that you can only submit one video per day. 


Q: Do I have to have had COVID-19 in order to share my story?  

A: No, you don’t have to! We are looking for stories of how COVID-19 has impacted your life. Topics for entries can be (but are not limited to):  

  • stories of COVID-infected  

  • stories of families, partners or friends of COVID-infected 

  • loss  

  • mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, anger, and indecision 

  • financial setback, debt, and making ends meet 

  • stories of public servants and essential workforce such as health care providers, first responders, law enforcement, legal, and teachers 

  • life at home such as parenting, marital relationships, loneliness, feeling trapped or unsafe sheltering in place, discoveries, addictions, abuse, learning, self-improvement, children, elderly, and remote learning 

  • working remotely 

  • business unable to continue 

  • field or profession on pause such as musicians, actors, backstage, front of house, hospitality, travel and leisure, retail, and service professions 

  • changing living circumstances such as moving in with roommates, returning to live with family or friends, and relocating 

  •  immigrants and immigration issues; seeking new opportunities such as career changes, pursuing new skills or education, and retirement; separation (unable to see family, friends, loved ones) 

  • postponed wedding or other plans 

  • being unable to enjoy cherished activities, such as travel, concerts, theater, live performances, dancing, festivals, fairs, and gatherings 

  • staying fit and exercise 

  • humor and light-hearted stories.   


Q: I submitted my video several days ago. Why don’t I see it on your website?   

A: We review every submission for acceptance before it goes live. Once it's been accepted, it is made live for viewing in our online Gallery. We will try our best to review the video within two business days of submission. However, if the video includes any of the following, the submission was probably not accepted. You will be notified via email if your video is rejected.   

  • Your video has inappropriate/offensive content or intentions. Please review our Official Rules for more details on our content policy.  

  • You’ve submitted a video created by someone else and presented it as your own. You cannot post a clip from someone else unless you are given direct consent.   

  • Your video is unrelated to the topic we’re calling for.  

  • You’ve submitted a new video that has same or similar content to a video that you submitted previously. 

  • Your video does not meet our acceptance criteria in terms of story quality, creativity and imagination used in the video, and video production quality. Please review our Official Rules for more details on our acceptance criteria.  


Q: If my video is rejected, can I update it and try again?  

A: Yes, you’re welcome to make changes to your video and submit it again for our consideration. Additionally, you may also create a new video with a different topic/story and submit it to our project.  


Q: If my video is accepted, how will I get the $100 grant? 

A: Grants will be delivered using one of the following methods, so please make sure you can receive payment through one or more of these means before you submit your video to us (unless you don’t want to be compensated).  

  • Paypal 

  • Venmo 

  • Check 

  • Amazon e-gift card 


Q: If more than one of my videos are accepted, will I be awarded multiple times?  

A: Yes, we are awarding each of the first 100 accepted videos with a $100 grant.

Q: What is Xero Shoes, and how do they relate to our project “Remember My Story”?  

A: Xero Shoes is a brand for comfortable, lightweight, performance, and casual footwear built with a “foot-first design”. Remember My Story is presented by Our Life Logs in partnership with Xero Shoes. Sharing stories of hope and resilience empowers our community of readers and storytellers to live with their best foot forward. It's for this reason, we are partnering with Xero Shoes, a brand that feels the very same.


Q: How do I receive the Xero Shoes gift certificate? 

A: Once you receive confirmation that your video has been accepted, a member from our team will contact you via email. If your video is in the first 50 selected, we will then send your code with further details.

if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email our team at hello@blueloopllc.com!

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